Non-Electric Wastewater Systems

The MECABIO non-electric wastewater treatment is based on trickling filter process using special media developed and manufactured in Germany. It works without electricity and supplies high quality of treated water to be used for irrigation.

MECABIO Sewage Treatment System Process

The treatment philosophy of MECABIO enhances the principles of a combination of pre-separation, anaerobic and aerobic biological filtration.

The MECABIO system consists of two settlement tanks that separate solids, fats and oil from the other part of the effluent, followed by the MECABIO sewage treatment plant.
The settlement tanks are fitted with an effluent filter that prevents solids and oil from exiting the tanks. Most of the solids are anaerobically digested in the settlement and require to be emptied every 4 to 5 years on average.

The primary Effluent then enters the MECABIO sewage treatment plant containing MECABIO media which is a synthetic absorbent filter medium. This patented and engineered filter medium is consistent in its physical properties and has been optimized to:

  • Be stable and consistent over very long periods of time without the need for cleaning or replacement.
  • Maximize the surface area to volume ratio thereby reducing the system.
  • Accept high, long-term loading rates without plugging or compromising.
  • Simultaneously provide aerobic, anaerobic, and anoxic environments for biological treatment- without air compressors.
  • Absorb and retain wastewater thereby increasing retention time and providing higher levels of treatment.
  • Maintain biological populations even during periods of no use.
  • Eliminate short-circuiting of untreated sewage to the environment during events such as surge flows or power failures.

Benefits of the MECABIO 

No Electricity Required - No breakdowns - The MECABIO plant doesn't need expensive, high wattage air blowers and pumps for the process. It works on gravity and natural air flow. There are no moving or electrical parts to wear out, so breakdowns are practically impossible. Consequently, this saves a lot of your money even on small single house sewage plants.

High Performance - The MECABIO achieves over 95% reduction in BOD and suspended solids. This remarkable performance completely outclasses any other manufactured sewage plant.

Long Absence Periods - Unlike other processes, the MECABIO is also suitable for sites which are unoccupied for periods of time up to 7 months.

Completely Silent - Completely silent operation as there are no electric blowers, pumps  etc.

Long Desludge Interval - The settlement tanks, which precede the MECABIO plant, only requires a desludge about 3 to 4 years.

Lowest Running Costs - This is the cheapest system to run: NO electricity, No mechanical parts to replace.

24 Hour Start Up Period - For most Sewage Treatment Units, wastewater must be flowing through them for about two months before the bacteria establish themselves . The MECABIO natural fiber material is pre-seeded with these bacteria and has a start up period of only 24 hours. This has enormous benefits for systems that will experience periodic or seasonal use. The MECABIO will be fully functioning in 24 hours and remain functioning, even after 7 months without use.

Low Carbon Footprint - Due to fact that no electricity is required for the process, the CO2 emissions related to the production of the electricity are not present. Likewise, the infrequent desludge period reduces the CO2 emissions caused by the tankers that empty the sewage treatment plants. Without question, it is the most sustainable sewage treatment system available and ideal for sustainable development.