Wastewater Treatment Products

MECATECH is the only company in Lebanon installing Electricity Free wastewater treatment plants, based on the Trickling Filter process, using special media with the latest technologies from Germany and the Netherlands, guaranteeing a high effluent quality.

We import innovative equipment for wastewater treatment plants that incorporate latest technology for high level of treatment, while providing lower operation cost.

Our systems have proven record of satisfying clients and have been highly appreciated in Lebanon and many other countries in Africa.

Our equipment and accessories are of high quality and performance to ensure years of hassle-free services. The range of equipment includes blowers, pumps, diffusers, special media for attached growth, etc.

We also manufacture sewage treatment plants with different processes including: Extended Aeration, SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor), MBBR (Moving Bed Bio film Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Bio reactor).